The StrangerToAdvocate Journey

The Fundamental Objective of Every Business is to Convert a Stranger Into a Brand Advocate

As a business you have the challenging task of converting a ‘Stranger’, someone who does not know you and you do not know their name, location, likes/dislikes, needs and wants, interests, etc and turning them into an ‘Advocate’ a person that will tell everyone just how great you are at every opportunity. Not just once but over and over again, every day, every week, every year. I call this the StrangerToAdvocate journey.

In today’s SEO digital world, this is more important than ever, feedback is everything, social engagement is everything, ratings are everything they are what builds traffic to you and confidence in your brand.

Raise your hand if your thinking, as a small business how do we even start to achieve this?

Break The Stranger to Advocate Journey Down

With any problem or task, it is always easiest to break it down into its constituent parts. The Stranger to Advocate challenge can be handled in the same way.


  • Description: A person you do not know & is likely not familiar with you and your brand.
  • Goal: Awareness and interest in your content.
  • Success Measure: Web/Social Traffic

Content Consumers

  • Description: So you have someone consuming your content? On your website? On your social page?
  • Goal: Awareness and interest in your brand to establish who they are and how to contact them
  • Success Measure: Leads created


  • Description: So you have a name and contact details & maybe an area of interest in your brand services.
  • Goal: Establish what they want or need and what value you can provide
  • Success Measure: Prospects created


  • Description: A qualified and interested person in the value your brand can provide to fulfill their wants or needs.
  • Goal: To become a spending customer
  • Success Measure: Revenue

Customer or Client

  • Description: a person who buys goods or services from you.
  • Goal: To repeat spending and advocate brand.
  • Success Measure: Revenue


  • Description: a person who publicly supports your business and returns to purchase not because they have to but they want to.
  • Goal: To continue to iteratively improve their customer experience
  • Success Measure: Revenue and Referrals

These steps or phases are common to almost every business in one way or another. These can be used to build your #StrangerToAdvocate journey.

What Next? Map your StrangerToAdvocate Journey

Mapping your StrangerToAdvocate journey is the goal. Start with what you do today at each step to take your customers from one step to the next. Use process mapping to establish your as-is, use customer experience maps to identify customer pain points, and use both of these to identify the to-be.

I will be providing further guidance on each of these individual steps. In interim here is some further reading

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