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Our Mission

To be…

The most credible resource to Business Analysts, Product Managers/Owners, and Entrepreneurs


The leading  Customer Experience and Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing and Digital Driven Business Growth service.

Our Vision

To conceive, create and mobilize great customer experiences for our customers.

Create, broaden and cultivate Customer Experience business models to maximize their value to your organization financially, structurally and culturally.

Inspire others – Inform, Educate, Equip and Empower our unique audience.

Our Expertise






Our Approach

  • Deliver customer value through great customer experiences
  • Formulate Customer experience growth strategies maximizing profit.
  • Improve operations nurturing empowerment, efficiency, and effectiveness, to drive down cost.
  • Enable Marketing & Sales frameworks that integrate customer journeys with commercial products & services.
  • Bridge the technical/commercial gap.
  • Build collaborative team cultures that flourish in fast-changing environments.

Our Core Values

Contrarian – Not to follow the crowd but to look for ways to be successful where barriers to entry are lower and there is less noise. Go beyond conventional thinking for the realization of innovative solutions and possibilities which drive change.

Accountable – Ownership and accountability for the quality and lasting success of our content, work, and commitments made to all we engage with.

Authentic – To be a brand that customers can trust and value consistently in both our actions and services.

Adaptive – Technology and marketplaces change so fast and so often, we strive to learn, move, change and adapt fast to help our customers succeed and be at the forefront of their market.

Intelligent Customer Experience

Wikipedia says Customer Experience or CX is:

“the product of an interaction between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship”

So why ‘Intelligent’ customer experiences? a great customer experience alone is not enough to be successful, any CX must be intrinsically linked to a great business plan and market strategy. Many a good idea has fallen foul of bad commercial application.

So what do you need to succeed?

  1. An idea, the thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action
  2. A suitable Market and plan to enter that market
  3. A project plan and a team capable of executing it
  4. A great business model to fully realize the benefits
  5. The insight which you can use to grow and Iterate the product
  6. A team culture with behavior characteristics that will flourish

Breaking innovation down into manageable parts increases the chances of delivering and subsequent success. If you’re looking to transform an existing product, embarking on a new project or continuing on a digital journey, this site is for you.

About the Owner

AJ is a CX, innovation and business strategist helping organizations build successful customer experiences. Specializing in business analysis, product ownership and product management with 20 years’ experience of delivering successful platforms, improving operations and commercial models which fully leverage business potential.

Formulating growth strategies and developing digital products, services, and operations through the use of intelligent customer experiences.