Should We Always Start With the Customer?

A sharp intake of breath but hear me out….answer this question. Do you want your customer experiences to provide value in equal measure to your customers and your business? Which Came First, The Chicken Or Egg? Let me share some examples of why I have posed this question and think to yourself which did the […]

Business Process Mapping

Are you looking to improve your business process, build a new product, save cost, or understand customers’ product requirements? Business process mapping is an essential tool to do this. Process modeling is not just for the realms of large manufacturing plants looking to optimize operations it is also a highly effective tool when applied to […]

How to Effectively Manage Innovation

Innovation is a common conversation in a lot of organizations, a buzzword that is added to many a presentation, business report, or marketing campaign but the reality is when the conversation stops delivery must begin… In this section, we talk about how best these ideas can be gathered, assessed, decided upon, and initiated. How to […]

Can ‘As A Service’ Apply to any Product or Service

_AAS fill in the blank… ok so there may be a shortage of acronyms left but why aren’t more businesses using this beneficial billing model? So, it seems Nike is getting in on the ‘As A Service’ act with its Nike Adventure Club trainers for kids program. This begs the question, are there any products […]

The Most Import Workflow That Business Leaders Forget

The Fundamental Objective of Every Business is to Convert a Stranger Into a Brand Advocate The coming months if not years are going to be challenging for most businesses. As with every recession, it’s the strongest that will survive. Ensuring your business is one of them, building strong foundations to ensure you are best placed […]